During my voyage as a passeonger onboard the Rickmers Jakarta I caught about 50 hours of film shots. More than 6 months after my return, I finished the work and this is the outcome:

"Round the world on a cargo ship"

A film about my 4 1/2 months' voyage as a passenger on the multipurpose heavy-lift cargo vessel Rickmers Jakarta between February and June 2008. 

By clicking the above picture you open a short extract from the film. Another one can be found at

See map below for the places covered. By clicking on the map you open a short film showing the complete route,

The film comes on 2 DVDs with a total duration of 90 minutes: Whenever possible original sound was used otherwise there is music. No spoken comments but written information on where the ship is together with maps.

Should you have any questions about the trip please don't hesitate to click the "Contacts" tab. I will be happy to answer them.

If you are interested in getting the film please let me know so I can tell you the price and suggest the best way of payment depending on where you live.

The German Newspaper "Rheinische Post" published this article on July 11, 2008: